- Wok Wonder 75g – Multi-use blend of heady, high-quality spices to fire up your stir fries


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Contains star anise, paprika, ginger, garlic, black pepper, long pepper, cubeb pepper, clove

Inject your stir fries with a burst of sizzling sweet fragrance:

1.5 tsp for every 4 handfuls of vegetables/meat

1 tsp for 150gm rice or noodles

  • Sauté with sizzling vegetables, meat and/or seafood adding a dash of soya and oyster sauce
  • Mix into rice or noodles for irresistible instant flavour
  • Pack a punch as a barbeque rub with soya sauce, honey and rice wine or sherry vinegar
  • And don’t stop there: Stir through hoisin sauce for an instant marinade for tray baked vegetables, chicken or pulled pork… and more

Ethically sourced, No salt, No colouring or artificial flavouring, Non GM, Gluten free,

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians, Hand picked and hand packed with love

Spice level: Mild

Seal for freshness or transfer to a labelled airtight container

Store in a cool, dry spot, visible, so you don’t forget about me

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