Using our spice blends

Our new range of spice blends is designed to have many uses, making mealtimes a breeze no matter what ingredients are available in your veggie boxes, fridge and grocery shops. You can add as much or as little as you like to get the flavour hit you’re after. We’re creating recipes to inspire you but if you want to wing it, here’s a rough guide to how much to use until you get into the swing of things:

Coconut Islands

1 tbsp to 1 can coconut milk

1.5 tbsp to 1 can coconut milk + 1 carton coconut cream

Sun Rice

1 tbsp to 150gm rice

1 tbsp to rub one steak

Pasta pickup

1 tsp in pasta sauce for two

Wonder Wok

1.5 tsp for every 4 handfuls of vegetables/meat

1 tsp for 150gm rice or noodles

Sweet sprinkle

As you like it! The more you add the stronger the aroma and potent the taste

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